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Gravitas launches a-la-carte menu for its lounge

Gravitas launches a-la-carte menu in lounge, bars

With casual setting, Ivy City restaurant casts a wider net Gravitas launched a new a-la-carte dining menu at its bar and lounge areas. Entering through the industrial-chic vestibule is key, the restaurant announced. Casual, but beautifully-composed dishes await diners in this more informal setting. Appetizers like Yellowfin Tuna […]

TallBoy grilled cheese and wings concept opens in the Shaw DC March 7

TallBoy debuts in Shaw, Washington, D.C.

Grilled cheese + wings concept emerges at base of convention center The Shaw neighborhood in Washington, D.C. will see a new restaurant emerge from the space that was previously home to Smoked & Stacked. The TallBoy grilled cheese, wings and beer concept, courtesy of Tin Shop, a restaurant […]

Rockwood Sports Bar Thanksgiving 2018: Swizzle Chill

Metro Washington D.C. restaurants serve up polished takes on Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner Thursday, November 22, 2018: Mi Vida at the District Wharf in Washington, D.C., Rockwood Sports Bar at Virginia Gateway and Blackwall Hitch, with a few locations around the District, will be taking the cooking and dishwashing off the hands of guests in grand style… At Mi Vida, Thanksgiving Dinner is served superfood- and Mexican-style with a mushroom soup appetizer (Sopa de Hongos), stuffing (Pavo Relleno) with kale & ricotta… At Rockwood Sports Bar, the buffet-style offering will serve up local, farm-raised turkeys and prime rib, green bean and mushroom casserole.

Swizzle Chill TV Spark at 12: Swizzle Chill

Swizzle Chill TV Trailer: Spark at 12

Swizzle Chill anchors Bryce Shemer and Chrissy Perez team up to find out why Spark at 12 in the Bloomindale neghborhood of Washington, D.C. is such a favorite local hangout. Lisa Comento is on hand to guide us through this Caribbean culinary adventure with Chef Peter Prime, Spark at 12, in a firehouse that was built in 1897.