Tabla launches Sunday Suppers take-home dinner kit program

The experience of khinkali, khachapuri comes to home kitchens

Tabla, a Georgian restaurant in Park View, and the second such eatery in Washington, DC after Supra, launched Sunday Suppers. The new selection of take-home dinners bring some of the flavors of the Georgian restaurant to diners in the area.

Each kit provides customers with a choice of appetizers and six frozen khinkali—Georgian soup dumplings—along with ingredients needed to prepare two of Tabla’s popular Ajaruli khachapuris at home.


Tabla’s Sunday Suppers kits include the following appetizer choices:

  • pkhali, a vegetable pâté made of roasted carrots walnuts, coriander seed and fresh herbs served with flatbread
  • matsoni yogurt-cucumber dip served with flatbread, and
  • a house-pickled cabbage salad with green tomatoes and fresh herbs.

The three khinkali varieties: pork & beef, lamb & tarragon, or sweet potato & cheese, are made to mix and match. Tabla’s dinner kit for two is priced at $35 and includes detailed instructions on how to form & shape the khachapuri and prepare the frozen khinkali at home.

Plus, diners can add bottles of house sparkling or still wine to each to-go order for $25.


Ordering; Limited-time take-home Sunday dinner kits are now available for order-ahead online. All orders must be placed by 12 p.m. for pickup at the restaurant on Sundays.

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