Swizzle Chill TV debuts Season 3 at Gerrard Street Kitchen

Globally-inspired flavors al fresco

Welcome to Swizzle Chill TV – DC Food, Drink and Lifestyle Show’s Season 3! Bryce Shemer spends time with Chef Jaime Velasquez of Gerrard Street Kitchen—at the Darcy Hotel—a globally-inspired eatery that has come out blazing. The team at Gerrard Street Kitchen is reopening with safety and sanitation as a major imperative. We’re getting reacquainted with their menu and cocktails that can be enjoyed on the socially-distanced patio.

Related video: Swizzle Chill TV at Gerrard Street Kitchen. Video by Eatery Pulse Media.

In DC we have some of the best culinary rockstars in the country, emphasizing the health & wellbeing of their customers and employees. We’re excited to start off with such a respected and talented chef like Velasquez. During Season 3, Swizzle Chill TV will capture the Metropolitan Washington food and drink scene, as well as some of the more exciting facets of DC living.

At such a challenging time due to the health crisis, the Swizzle Chill TV team is energized and pleased to continue shining the spotlight on local restaurant operators, leveraging all our formats to tell the story of DC’s food & drink scene. Working with local suppliers, food entrepreneurs, developers and the business community, DC’s Food, Drink and Lifestyle show will expand its content during Season 3 and Season 4.

To sign up for all our content, head over to subscribe.swizzlechill.com. To view our shows and keep up with our news, like us on Facebook.com/swizzelchill. The team will post all of our dozen or more Season 3 shows there. Catch all our shows and support our venture as we spotlight our Metropolitan Washington restaurant operators.


Photo credit: Eatery Pulse Media (featured preview image)

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