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Mess Hall Ramen World 2020 coming in February

Ramen World 2020 at Mess Hall coming in February

Up-and-coming chefs, acclaimed ‘grand masters’ on display

Mess Hall is returning Ramen World to Washington, D.C. in February. A number of restaurants and chefs will present creative ramen-forward dishes in the exhibit space of Mess Hall and also its kitchens. The event typically sells out, according to the organizers. A repeat player, Chef Erik Bruner-Yang represents the upcoming ABC Pony. Bruner-Yang is a local, celebrity chef with a reputation founded on D.C. favorites Maketto, Brothers & Sisters and Toki Underground.

Representing Hatoba, revered Chef Katsuya Fukushima, of Daikaya, Bantam King, Haikan, and the soon-to-arrive Tonari, will be present. For Aiya, an Asian duo, Andrew and Victor, who love to make happiness with food, will deliver the tastes of Taiwanese and Cantonese street food to Mess Hall Ramen World for the first time. In addition, Chef Kaz Okochi, a long-time favorite sushi chef in the D.C. Region, will put the spotlight on Kaz Sushi Bistro through his traditional techniques and creative presentation.

A world of ramen experiences

Sponsor Sun Noodle will prepare fresh noodles for each chef. These noodles complement their dishes and flavors, with chefs planning these weeks in advance. Ahead of Ramen World, the arrival of a truckload of noodles to the venue marks the beginning of a new chapter. Also, a vintage phone booth filled with oodles of ramen packages will raise money for the Capital Area Food Bank. And the winner guessing the actual number of bowls takes home a “Ramen-tastic” price package.


The interactive experience on February 29 with talented Ramen chefs and the made-to-order format provides quite a taste adventure. Eddie Kim, mixologist and “Man-About-Town,” will prepare Suntory cocktails and help dole out Kirin Ichiban. Ticket holders will have their share of “unlimited” food, drinks and take-homeTamari Soy Sauce or Marinades. Line-jumping privileges belong to VIP ticket holders. They also get swag Ramen World 2020 t-shirts by street artist Kelly Towles, which are printed by Jon Wye of Made in DC.

Additional Ramen World chefs, concepts

Ramen World will also host these chefs and concepts. Read the descriptions provided by Mess Hall:

The ramen tickets

Tickets to Mess Hall Ramen World 2020 can be purchased at eventbrite here.

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