Swizzle Chill TV at Red Wiggler Farm, Gaithersburg, Maryland

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Red Wiggler Community Farm located in Gaithersburg, MD in Montgomery County has been a working farm since 1996. This farm creates a welcoming environment for people with and without developmental disabilities to come together as a team to work, learn, and grow healthy food.

Red Wiggler utilizes sustainable farming practices and pays careful attention to watershed and habitat protection. They have built local food security for the community and is a catalyst for community collaborations and volunteer opportunities. We had the pleasure of meeting with a few of the team who continue to make Red Wiggler a success each year.

Woody Woodruff

Executive Director and Founder Woody Woodruff, founded Red Wiggler Community Farm in 1996. He told us about their dynamic collaboration with Manna Food Center. Manna’s mission is to end hunger in Montgomery County through food distribution.

In West Africa sweet potato greens are considered delicacies, which Woody recently learned were edible. The team are busy going through the greens to get to the sweet potatoes buried underground beneath the greens during his interview.

Jessica Port

Jessica Port is the Senior Community School Coordinator of Linkages to Learning at Arcola Elementary, which has a partnership with Manna. Manna is a community food resource and provides students with bags of food to share with their families over the weekend.

Linkages to Learning is a community school partnership with an integrated focus on health, social services, community engagement and leadership to support student learning, strong families, and healthy communities. The program also assists students and their families by providing or connecting them to services and resources that address the social, economic, health, and emotional issues that may interfere with their student success

Susan Wexler

Susan Wexler with Manna Food Center shares what the team was up behind her during our visit at the farm. She explained about the Community Food Rescue Program that is affiliated with Manna.

Photo credit: arel7 studio team

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