District Doughnut makes big menu changes, offers discounts

Chain says new menu will be data-driven, ‘for everyone’

District Doughnut is making some big changes to its menu. First, it’s evaluating its menu using data analysis to create increased menu rotations. Then, it’s providing guests with more options, including bulk discounts on half-dozen and whole-dozen boxes of doughnuts. Also, the Washington, D.C.-based chain will use online polls and customer feedback to change up the menu.

Co-Founder and Executive Chef Christine Schaefer has already been rotating the menu on a seasonal basis. In the spring, she introduced Nutella Cream and the festival-inspired Cherry Blossom. During fall, she offered up Pumpkin Spice Latte Creme Brûlée, Apple Cider and Maple Butter Pecan flavors.

Starting in December, District Doughnut will provide its guests pricing discounts, with a half dozen for $16 or a dozen for $29. Additionally, first time visitors can try “The DC”—two doughnuts and coffee for $7. The chain said in its announcement that it represents a 20-percent discount on regular pricing.

“There’s a reason why District Doughnut has been voted Best Doughnut in the Nation’s Capital. It’s not just our commitment our quality but also our commitment to innovation and using data to give our customers what they want,” says Schaefer.

The five-unit District Doughnut chain is known for infusing its dough with real vanilla beans and allowing it to rise for 24 hours. Monthly rotations, created by this new data analysis, will help some selections compete on the menu with seasonal doughnut options.

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