A glimpse of what is to come at Emilie’s from Kevin Tien

Modern space, open design creates new canvas for Tien’s talents

Emilie’s, from Chef Kevin Tien, opens to the public October 10. Tien has been busy this year. He also launched Hot Lola’s at the Ballston Quarter Market in March and left Himitsu as plans for Emlie’s opening were announced. This new showcase of his talent will feature large-plate-focused dining, accompanied by Dim-Sum-style small plates, carted around tableside to diners. Tien plans to imprint his vision at this much-anticipated Capitol Hill restaurant.

Tien will be supported by a cut-above kitchen team and the restaurant has indicated it will import the food from local producers, farmers and ranchers, making the dining experience memorable for diners, and sustainable. The 3,313 square-feet of restaurant space at the base of the Penn Eleven condominiums marks a new chapter for Tien. Co-owner and partner Sam Shoja, along with partner Arris Noble, are up to the task of the grand Capitol Hill opening


Tien’s new fine-dining home is an open canvas for the expression of his and his team’s culinary talent. The Swizzle Chill team attended a preview party October 3 at Emilie’s to get a glimpse of what’s to come.

A modern, near-industrial feel sets the stage for the culinary talent, which was on display at their craft in the middle of space, where there’s a large, open kitchen. Two bars, one in the front and one in the rear, are available for the more casual diner or imbiber, as well as group socializing. Creative light fixtures help give the space more warmth. Cement floors are also part of the modern setting.

Emilie's modern space and culinary finesse arrives October 10. Photo collage by Eatery Pulse Media.
Emilie’s modern space and culinary finesse arrives October 10. Photo collage by Eatery Pulse Media.

At Hot Lola’s Tien adds a service fee to help pay workers much more than the Virginia minimum wage. Here, the Emilie’s staff appears to be in a place of respect for their talents and hard work. The kitchen ensemble displayed a camaraderie that appeared genuine. They truly work as a collective, and Tien as the team leader, During the preview event, he was providing the necessary direction to his team, but also maintaining a certain lightheartedness and pride.

Emilie’s should be the place in Capitol Hill to escape a truly delightful culinary and hospitality experience. Get reservations and on the mailing list here.

Emilie’s at Penn Eleven Capitol Hill, 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast, Washington, D.C. 20003

Photo credit: Eatery Pulse Media

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