La Famosa, a Puerto Rican restaurant, to open in Navy Yard

Polished fast-casual restaurant opens in The Bower Residences

Chef Joancarlo Parkhurst announced La Famosa restaurant will open in Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. next spring. La Famosa, which will be located in The Bower apartments building, will feature Puerto Rican cuisine. Once built, it will become a full day affair with comprehensive coffee program, and a full bar for socializing and drinks at night. In Spanish, the name means “the famous one.”

As a full-circle bit of history, La Famosa name comes from the canning company that Parkhurst’s family founded. The company, founded in 1921, is known for the ever-present Coco López, which is used to make piña colada.

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La Famosa’s menu will be diverse, reflecting the origins of different races that populated the island. Diners will embrace classic dishes like Sorullitos de Maiz, Chillo Frito, Chuleta Kan Kan, Tripleta, and Guisados. Parkhurt’s cooking inspiration and memories shared from his experience as a young boy will fare prominently in the cuisine. At the heart of this reflection of childhood memories is his grandmother eating with him.


Housemade juices and cocktails will liven up spirits at La Famosa, set alongside the beautiful Capitol Riverfront. Rum rises as a top drink for Puerto Rican culture. Diners at La Famosa will enjoy classic drinks, such as the Rum Sour and Piña Colada. Leading up to the opening, Parkhurst will be conducting pop-ups around D.C. and participate in Kitchens on the Block at Mess Hall being held October 20.

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The restaurant’s atmosphere and service style will reflect a polished fast-casual service style (fast casual 3.0), rather than a full-service restaurant. According to the announcement, GrizForm Design Architect will transform the space and set the mood. The well-known design firm will envision a “60-seat restaurant will draw on a sense of Puerto Rican nostalgia, with saturated colors on wood textures, raw cement block and rustic metals.”

In the warmer months, a 58-seat patio is sure to be a gathering spot. The home of the Puerto Rican restaurant is the Bower Residences, a luxury apartment building with nearly 100-percent occupancy.

La Famosa, 1300 4th Street Southeast, Washington, D.C. 20003

Photo credit: La Famosa

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