Pizzeria Paradiso expands food, beverage options at two locations

Old Town Alexandria, Spring Valley unveil new food, drink options

Pizzeria Paradiso introduced new salads at its Old Town Alexandria, Va. restaurant. The new menu additions celebrate summer, and aim to satisfy those looking for lighter options. A Caprese Salad is a light and fresh option. The Smoked Chicken Salad, Additionally, Pizzeria Paradiso is spotlighting to additional veggie-centric dishes, the Piccolo Panini Prosciutto and Piccolo Panini Bruschetta.

The Pizzeria Paradiso Piccolo Panini Prosciutto features Prosciutto di Parma, roasted eggplant and spicy garlic spread. The Piccolo Panini Bruschetta combines marinated cherry tomatoes, red onion, ricotta, and baby arugula. Pizzeria Paradiso also added Blackberry Sage and Peach Tarragon sangrias to the drink menu (more details below).


At Spring Valley, Pizzeria Paradiso’s newest location in Washington, D.C., guests can enjoy a selection of new cocktails and California Bass Note sangrias. Also, the restaurant introduced new protein options. Roasted Shrimp ($5) and Smoked Chicken ($4) are available as an add-on to any classic or seasonal salad. Here are the new drink selections:

Pizzeria Paradiso adds summertime cocktail options. Photo by Pizzeria Paradiso.
Pizzeria Paradiso adds summertime cocktail options. Photo by Pizzeria Paradiso.
  • Summer Tonic: Bluecoat Gin, Capitoline White Vermouth, lemon, and tonic, for $10
  • Civic Palmer: Republic Restoratives Civic Vodka, ice tea and lemon, for $10
  • Bass Note Blackberry Sage Sangria: a fruity red wine with fresh blackberries, lemon and sage, for $9
  • Bass Note Peach Tarragon Sangria: a white wine with ripe peaches, lemons and a hint of tarragon, for $9

Photo credit: Pizzeria Paradiso

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