October Chiko After Dark event goes Slim Jim-style, features Chefs Gerald Addison, Chris Morgan

The Chiko After Dark Series returns in October with a pop-up style experience, featuring Slim Jim. The Chinese-Korean Slim Jim experience awaits adventurous diners in the Washington, D.C. area. The one-night October After Dark event will take place October 26 and is a tribute to Co-Owner and Chef Scott Drewno’s love for Slim Jim.

Chefs Gerald Addison and Chris Morgan will be on hand to make the night a truly memorable event. Gerald Addison is co-executive chef and co-owner of Compass Rose and Maydan, award-winning restaurants restaurants in Washington, D.C. Chris Morgan is co-executive chef and co-owner of award-winning restaurants Compass Rose and Maydan in D.C. Compass Rose, has been named on every best restaurant list in D.C. and has been a RAMMYS Award winner.

Sister restaurant Maydan has been in the national spotlight, being named No. 2 Best New Restaurant in America” by Bon Appetit, and several other regional mentions. Maydan is also No. 5 on The Washington Post Critic Tom Sietsema’s Fall Dining Guide. As for Chiko’s owners, they are looking to build a bigger franchise and introduce their concept to foodies on the other side of the country. Eater first reported that the owners are opening a second location on the West Coast.

The Chiko October After Dark menu will be offered at 9:30 p.m. and the doors will stay open until midnight on a first-come, first-served basis. A special adult beverage menu to be paired with the adventuresome dishes will be announced soon. Chiko, the 2018 RAMMYS Best New Restaurant of the Year, offers late-night counter seating through reservation only. For $50 per seat, counter diners will be treated to unique chef creations and tastings from Chiko’s Eat the Menu during the October 26 Chiko After Dark event.

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“We can’t wait to see the Slim Jim-inspired dishes that Scott and Danny create,” said Spencer Fivelson, Slim Jim Senior Brand Director in an announcement. “Slim Jim fans are always seeking the bold and spicy side of life and we’re sure they’ll find it in this one-of-a-kind menu,”

To learn more about the snack-centric October Chiko After Dark event, crafted by Scott Drewno and Danny Lee, two of the co-owners of Chiko, navigate to the Chiko website. Diners can also make a Late Night Counter Eat the Menu reservation there.

Photo credit: Chiko FRC

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