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2018 RAMMYS | Washington, D.C.

The room is filled with some incredible folks. We have finalists who are shaping our industry, philanthropists and humanitarians like José Andrés, leaders like Jodie McLean of EDENS, who are championing for women leaders in the industry, food recovery leaders, like Mike Curtin at D.C. Central Kitchen, and chefs like Spike Mendelson, pioneers… We are an impressive group of thinkers and doers, and we are honored that you are all here tonight, looking amazing.”

– Kathy E. Hollinger, RAMW president and CEO, as she spoke at the 36th Annual RAMMY Awards Ceremony at the Walter E. Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

And the 2018 RAMMY Winners are…

Check out our list of 2018 RAMMYS winners here:

And our upcoming coverage on YouTube on Swizzle Chill TV.

Our Anchor Bryce Shemer is seen backstage at the RAMMY Awards Ceremony:

Here’s a portion of our interview with Zena Polin, co-founder of Daily Dish, being featured in an upcoming Swizzle Chill TV episode.

Alnd here’s a sneak peak at our interview with Chiko, New Restaurant of the Year:

Also, here is an unedited video of remarks made by Kathy E. Hollinger, RAMW president and CEO:

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